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Blue Frog Property Management Case Studies

Single Family # 1


Owners switched to Blue Frog Property Management from a different property management company. When we came in the current tenants were past due in rent and not taking care of the property appropriately. We exited the current tenants and worked with owners to quickly get the property rent ready. We were able to quickly get several qualified showings through our advertising networks and got several qualified leads immediately. We were able to rent this unit within 4 days of it being rent ready. Not only did we rent this unit very quickly but we increased the monthly rent by $145 a month over what the previous property manager was getting. The new tenants have paid their rent on time every month since occupying the property.

Single Family # 2


Owners brought Blue Frog on to manage their single family rental when they were moving cross country for a new job. At the time the owners brought us on they communicated a rent range for their property that they were hoping to get. Blue Frog was able to rent their property for 8% more than the top end of the range that the owners asked for. In addition we had qualified renters moving in the day after the owners moved out. The first tenants stayed for almost two years and when they moved out we again had qualified tenants moving in right after they moved out.

Duplex #1


When we took over this duplex there were already tenants that were multiple months past due on their rent. We were able to get the tenants caught up on rent but then had to evict one of the tenants when they started to fall behind again. While we were evicting one tenant the other tenant moved out at the end of their lease leaving the property at risk of being empty. We were able to rent both units in an average of 10 vacant days on market. We were also able to raise the rent over what the owner had been getting previously and the tenants that we placed have been perfect tenants to date.

Duplex #2


When we took over this duplex one tenant had to be exited from the property for non-payment of utility bills and another was moving out because their lease was up. We were able to fill both units in an average of 17 days on market and increased the monthly rent collected by 15%. Since placed the tenants have been great.

Apartment #1


When Blue Frog took over this apartment building it had a rapidly increasing vacancy rate, deferred maintenance, a major late payment problem, and several less than desirable tenants occupying units. We immediately kicked off our marketing programs and reduced vacancies by over 60% while evicting several problem tenants. We also raised rents on the units that we rented on average 13%. Blue Frog also implemented a maintenance plan to ensure the property was well taken care of and had the appropriate curb appeal to continue attracting quality tenants.

Apartment #2


When we started managing this apartment it had a 17% vacancy rate and a severely past due tenant that was not honoring their payment obligations. We exited the problem tenant and quickly re-rented all vacant units. This building is currently at 100% occupancy rate and is returning 41% more rent to the owner than when we first started managing it. To date the residents that we have placed in this building have been model tenants.

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