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Answers to your common questions

How much should I rent my property for?
The amount of rent you should charge is dependent on the location, size, number of bedrooms, quality, etc. of your unit.  Blue Frog is experienced in our local markets and can help you determine the best rate for your unit.  We will periodically perform a market analysis on all your rents to ensure we keep rent levels competitive with the market.

Should I manage my own properties?
Many investors consider managing their own properties at some point in time.  For many of these investors the time commitment and management headaches can quickly become too much to deal with.  Investors should also remember that their time most likely is better spent searching for additional investments than managing the day-to-day operations for their property.  Trying to manage your own properties can actually cost you more money in the end than hiring a professional.

With that being said, here are a couple tips if you do decide to manage your own properties:

  1. Understand the time commitment going in – properties do not manage themselves. If you plan to manage your own units, you need to be ready to put in the time. Tenants are going to call for items when it is not convenient for you. There are going to be times you need to deal with rental property issues when you would rather be doing something else. Just remember if you are going to manage your own units, this is necessary.
  2. Screen your tenants properly – One of the biggest mistakes of first time property managers is not properly screening their tenants. Many owners are so concerned about getting a vacant unit rented that they do not perform the proper checks. Getting an unqualified tenant in your unit is worse than it being vacant and can easily end up costing you thousands>
  3. This is a business! – For you to maximize your financial return you need to operate your properties like a business. You will be put in positions where you have to make tough calls on a regular basis. You have to be willing to make these calls - it comes with the territory.
  4. Reconsider using a professional – Many people think that by managing their own properties they will save money over using a professional. The right property management company should pay for themselves. Blue Frog Property Management understands how manage your properties to maximize your financial return.
Download our Business Partner Package to see how Blue Frog Property Management will maximize your return on investment.

What areas does Blue Frog serve?
Blue Frog serves Green Bay, Appleton, Neenah, Menasha, Oshkosh, & Fond du Lac areas.  We will also be looking to expand to additional areas in the near future.

What if I need to file an eviction?
Even with the best screening process, it may be necessary to evict a tenant.  We understand all of the state and local laws and will perform the eviction for you as efficiently as possible.

What kind of properties do we manage?
We provide professional property management for single-family homes, duplexes, multi-units, and large apartment complexes.

What type of services do you offer?
We offer end-to-end property management services including: property marketing, tenant screening, leasing, rent collection, tenant retention, eviction, etc. 

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